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Surfing in Aveiro: What You Need To Know

Surfing local in Aveiro

Surfing in Aveiro: What You Need To Know

What crosses your mind when you hear or read about Aveiro? The Art Nouveau buildings? The sound of the beach waves? Or the magnificent canals and romantic boat rides that make it seem like Venice?  As you explore Aveiro, we want you to discover the local way of life through food, places, and surfing. Here are a few tips and useful information for the best Aveiro City experience that you can have.

A Glimpse of Aveiro

Surfing in Aveiro

Aveiro is a city on the west coast of Portugal set along a lagoon called Ria de Aveiro. Distinguished by its canals and colorful boats named Barcos Moliceiros, the city is also known as the Portuguese Venice. Aside from the famous Art Nouveau buildings, Aveiro can be the perfect getaway destination when you are travelling from Porto.

What are the five things to know about surfing in Aveiro?

Where is the surf spot?

Praia da Barra is one of the prominent spots in Aveiro only a 10.7km drive from Aveiro City. It has a wide range of white sand beaches where you come during the summer for sunbathing. It is famous for its surf schools that cater to aspiring surfers of different ages. There are other spots in Portugal worth checking like Peniche, Ericeria, Alentejo, and Nazare. These surf spots are known for having the biggest wave around the globe.

Surf Spot in Aveiro

When is the best season to surf?

According to, winter is the best time of the year for surfing in Praia da Barra. This is because of the offshore winds that blow from the east. Most of the surf in this spot comes from the groundswells and the ideal swell direction is from the west. To know more about surfing conditions, visit surf-forecast for real time surf forecast and conditions.

Get to know the locals

Whenever travelling across the country, it’s good to get along with the locals to know their vibe and their culture. Visiting a surf school is one way to get along with them. Locals can be the best tour guide since they might know some hidden gems around the place. For surfing in Aveiro, they can be the best trainers as well. Sometimes, getting close to the people will be the reason why you want to come back. 

Where to stay

There are plenty of hotels to stay when you visit the city. If you want to wake up inhaling the sea breeze, book a room that is fronting the beach. With this view, you can enjoy the crowd and beautiful scenery. But if you want to experience a touch of the city vibe, there are hostels and flats in Aveiro City. These hostels and flats are located near the beach and only a 10-minute drive from Praia da Barra.

Post surf activities

After a tiring day of surfing, you deserve to treat yourself and spend the rest of the day in relaxation. Enjoy shopping or pampering yourself in the best spas in the city. But if you want to have some more fun, enjoy the crowd with some booze in Aveiro’s nightlife. 

You can visit the historical canal of Aveiro which is also known as the Venice of Portugal, where you can relax while taking a ride to its beautifully painted moliceiros. If you love art, you can visit the famous Art Nouveau Museum. But your trip won’t be the same until you experience the coolest spot in town at the heart of Aveiro which is the Associação Cultural Mercado Negro where you can loosen up yourself through dancing, music, and art.

If you happen to visit Portugal, you should not skip Aveiro City, there are cool spots to visit if you want to explore and enjoy your surf vacations. Aside from that, you can explore some other places for their great environment, nature, beaches, and other outdoor activities. Have you ever visited Portugal for surfing? Was Aveiro on your route? Feel free to share with us any spots that you think we might include on this post.

Written by Stella Marie MahAssociação Cultural Mercado Negro

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