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5 life lessons learned through surfing

5 life lessons learned through surfing

The world keeps moving faster and it becomes full of distractions. We need to look for something that keeps us focused on everyday life. And surfing is one of the greatest tools to help your mind ease and stay focused. For many people, it is not just a hobby, it is a way of life. In pursuit of the perfect wave, we will walk you through the lessons that surfing can teach you.

There are aspects in the sport that are relatable to our life which are useful to how we perceive life. Here are 5 life lessons that we might also learn in surfing ..


If you surf, a quarter of your time in the water consists of waiting, waiting for the good waves to roll through. Especially when the water gets crowded and there are not many waves to catch, your patience will be tested.

life lessons thru surfing

There’s no room for anxiety when you are in the water. That is why most of the surfers are so laid-back because their training has taught them to become calm and patient. 

In all of our daily lives, patience is essential. Stuck in the traffic? Or waiting in  a long line? Find your inner peace through surfing.


You may feel that everyone is looking or laughing at you when you wipe out. But in fact, your wipeout is not how people will remember you. They are too busy worrying about their own rides and dives.

Like in life, we are afraid of the judgment of others. And sometimes, it affects our decisions in life: we will compromise our own happiness because we are afraid to only listen to ourselves. No matter how many times we fall, we will surely rise!


Surfing is one of the friendliest sports out there. It is common for surfers to cheer each other up when one of them is getting a good wave. It does not matter whether you know each other or not, if you see someone catching a wave or vice versa, give them some form of recognition. Sometimes, if you caught a perfect wave, they would come up to you and congratulate you.

Let us motivate each other not just in water but in life too. We never know what other people’s struggles are.


Surfers spend loads of hours in the water and the ocean becomes their home. It teaches us to appreciate nature and take better care of it.

It will be helpful for our earth if we grab a piece of plastic that we stumble upon at the beach or anywhere else. As mother nature gives us good waves to play around, we should give back to our earth by respecting it and not throwing trash in the ocean and even collecting some whenever possible.


Surfing is a process of finding balance when riding on the board. Many times you stand, and many times you fall. It is hard for the beginners to find the proper balance, it takes effort and practice. 

It is like finding our balance in real life: you need to prioritize the things that need to be done in your day. You need to manage your time so that you will not get stuck on a certain activity and move forward. 

Even a simple pastime can teach you many lessons that can have a positive impact on all aspects of your life. Just like surfing, you need to enjoy every ride.

Aside from surfing, do you have any hobbies that have influenced different areas of your life? We would love to hear your experience too!

Written by: Stella Marie

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